3 countries issuing citizenship for investment in jobs


How to get the simplest citizenship? It all depends on the resources (money, time, business, and other opportunities) available to the candidate. But if you are an entrepreneur with a desire to open a business abroad, you should definitely pay attention to the 3 countries that issue citizenship for investment in jobs. We are talking about Turkey, Bulgaria, Portugal, and Northern Macedonia.

Many economists warn that quarantine measures around the world and a near-global lockdown imposed against the backdrop of the new Chinese coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate job losses. The corresponding restrictive actions of the authorities have already affected the dynamics of the unemployment rate in several countries.


Turkey has a strong industrial economy that produces everything from televisions to washing machines. At the same time, Turkey offers a rather “weak” passport, since this document does not provide easy visa-free access to the US, UK, or EU, offering visa-free access only to many parts of Asia and South America.

Yes, this is not the best passport in the world, but it can be a good addition to a more “strong” passport since Turkey is a large and respected country. In addition, Turkey itself is an industrially developed country with many beautiful areas to visit and live in.

It is quite easy to get Turkish citizenship for investing in jobs or certain assets through a special program. At the same time, the country offers interesting opportunities for people with dual citizenship. You only need to invest $ 250,000 in Turkish real estate for three years, and you will get a Turkish passport.


When hiring employees in Portugal, you can start moving along the immigration route, at the end of which the simplest EU citizenship by naturalization is waiting for you. This country often leads the ranking of countries that issue “Golden visas”. And there are good reasons for this because, in the end, Portugal gives the beneficiaries of its investment residency program a very “strong” EU passport, visa-free access to the entire American continent, as well as most of the countries of Asia and Africa.

The authors of the International Wealth portal have already written about this program in the past. The bottom line is that the most common way to obtain a Portuguese “Golden visa” is to buy real estate in the amount of 500,000 euros. Getting such a residence permit, you can already get a full-fledged EU passport in half a decade, spending only a week a year in the country.


If you need cheaper EU citizenship, you can get a second passport in Bulgaria in five years from the moment of hiring local employees. This is a country that people rarely talk about, despite the fact that it is a member of the EU, and its citizens have the full right to free movement within the EU. Perhaps this is for the best since Bulgaria is in an unenviable position because it has to maintain its cultural ties with both Western Europe and the post-Soviet States.

Getting citizenship by investment in Bulgaria is not so easy if you are traveling along the usual route that many people choose. You will need to invest more than 500,000 euros just to obtain permanent residence in Bulgaria (the first stage), after which you will be able to obtain citizenship of this EU country at the end of the five-year naturalization period. If you want to speed up the process of obtaining citizenship, you will have to invest the same amount, and the Bulgarian passport will be in your hands in 2 years from the date of making the initial investment.

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