3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in France


Why you should invest in France?

When considering various jurisdictions under the scope of investment activities, the facts about France speak for themselves. The country attracts more than 1,100 foreign investments annually and is the leading European recipient of foreign capital in the manufacturing sector.

Hard to believe? It is not so difficult for companies that see the advantages of a highly skilled French workforce and tax incentives for research, not to mention the extensive infrastructure, energy consumption structure and favorable location in the center of the Euro Zone with a single European market (500 million consumers).

Contact our lawyers to get more information about the country’s investment opportunities. By the way, a third of French exports are made in France by foreign companies, and the state itself is attracting more and more investments focused on the markets of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. And, of course, environmental obligations are always a priority here: you can reduce carbon dioxide emissions when you produce a product in France.

World-class infrastructure

It is in France that the leading business aviation airport in Europe (Paris-Le Bourget) and the leading airport for cargo transportation are located. The 2nd largest French international airport in terms of passenger traffic is Paris-Charles de Gaulle, which is one of the ten largest airports in the world.

Investments in France 2020 are also attractive because it is here that the 2nd longest high – speed rail network in Europe is located. Finally, France ranks third in Europe for its own national highway system with more than 11,450 km of motorways (7,115 miles according to Eurostat data for 2016).

It should be noted that France is also the second country in Europe by the number of energy carriers (according to WEF research in 2017).

A leading and open economy

France is the world’s fifth-largest economy, the second-largest consumer market in Europe, and the seventh-largest foreign investor in the world. It has a proven track record of attracting and retaining foreign companies and key professionals.

The country always welcomes foreign talent and investment and is a leading host state for foreign investment in industry (according to the EY Agency in 2016). For example 25,000 foreign-owned subsidiaries and 1,117 new businesses established by non-residents in 2016 (according to Business France 2016).

A deep talent pool

Foreign investors should take into account that France has high hourly productivity, which is ahead of Germany and the UK (research by the Conference Board, 2017).

France is the fourth leading country in the world with higher education more than 309,600 foreign citizens’ study here. If you need to settle in France, our lawyers will help you with the documentation of a visa to enter the country, temporary or permanent residence permit, citizenship. Our help allows you to adapt to life in the country as quickly as possible.

Investment in France 2020 is also attractive because foreigners enjoy an individual tax regime in effect for eight years, offering an income tax exemption of between 30% and 50% of the total salary.

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