4 ways to get permanent residence in Spain


How to get a permanent residence in Spain? In this article, you will not only get an answer to this question but also learn more about migration options. We’ll talk about legal ways to move to Spain. Find out more about all this right now!

1. Buying property in Spain

This is a completely legal way of immigration to Spain. Since 2013, for those citizens who purchase real estate in Spain, with a total value of 500 thousand euros, receive a residence permit.

Residence permit provides the right of long stay in the country, it can be extended, and then get permanent residence!

2. Company registration in Spain

Establishing a business in Spain is also an option to move to permanent residence. However, it should be understood that business should operate within the strict framework provided by the legislation.

Moreover, to obtain a residence permit in a presented way, foreign citizens can buy an existing company! But, as you know, and this method of moving requires certain financial costs.

3. Immigration without the right to employment

You can get a residence permit in Spain, subject to the availability of sufficient funds in your Bank account!

It’s about the amount:

  • 2000 Euro per month per applicant
  • 600 euros per month for each family member who will be in Spain with the applicant

However, experts say that the greater the amount, the higher the probability of receiving a positive answer!

4. Marriage or family reunion

If you have parents (children) living in Spain, you can move to the country on the basis of family reunification. Or another option to get married/marry a person with Spanish citizenship, which will allow you to get the target residence permit, then permanent residence and citizenship.

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