6 problems with immigration to Europe


Sometimes the decision to change the place of residence is taken too spontaneously. Often people are led to stories about fabulous life in America or Europe and do not understand that along with the possible positive moments will come and a lot of problems. We will discuss them in this article.

1) Different mentality: Each country has its own characteristics of residence. At first, you may not pay attention to the little things, but then they will annoy you. Unusual food, fundamental differences in views on life, especially communication-all this will eventually begin to give you a lot of discomfort. We’ll have to adapt.

2) Difficulties with employment: First, in all European countries, the first priority in the selection of an employee will be indigenous. It’s logical. You will have to try hard to find any job, not to mention highly paid. Moreover, due to the influx of migrants, the labor market is so oversaturated. We’ll have to stand out. Even at home, you should think about the fact that not all diplomas are recognized abroad. You will have to take a language exam and even re-learn your chosen specialty.

3) Lack of social connections: And in your own country to find people not easy, to say nothing about someone else. While you are in search, a constant feeling of uselessness will periodically visit you. Agree, a new country and loneliness-it’s not the most pleasant company.

4) Bureaucracy: In a strange country to deal with papers is not very nice. There may be problems with insurance, visas, etc. Unfortunately, this will not go away.

5) Nostalgia for the Homeland: Many people Wake up with an incredible longing for the place where they lived most of their lives. It is very difficult to feel one’s own on a foreign land. Unfamiliar traditions, rules, foundations. Even if you want to accept them, it’s not as easy as it seems.

6) High housing prices: It is difficult to find a decent living space for a reasonable price. The search is complicated by the fact that you are in a foreign country. The slightest delay in payment of rent threatens to evict you. As you know, Europeans are very fond of order, which sometimes comes to absurdity.

Before making such a difficult decision, weigh the pros and cons, understand what immigration will give you, learn the language of the country in which you have decided to move.

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