Best countries for startups


In a previously published article, we talked about the Best countries for creating startups. We were reasonably told that two countries that are unique in this sense were overlooked: Ireland and Finland. Today we are correcting ourselves and giving you the most detailed guide on startups in Ireland and Finland.

In this article, we will study the situation with startups in these countries in General, what support systems exist for startups, and look at success stories. And, of course, we will learn how to get a residence permit in Finland and Ireland, so that we can finally start our own startup!

Ireland: Europe’s Silicon Valley

Readers of the Offshore Wealth portal know Ireland as a mid-shore-a country that combines elements of offshore and conventional onshore jurisdiction.

Ireland offers a corporate tax of 12.5% one of the lowest in Europe. At the same time, there is a developed and flexible legislation, high-quality protection of property rights, and modern infrastructure.

Google, Facebook, Intel, and PayPal have chosen Ireland as their base for their activities. The capital of Ireland, Dublin, is considered the capital of startups, and Ireland itself is compared to Silicon Valley in the United States there are so many startups and high-tech companies here per capita.

Even if your idea or business operates in one of the above directions, do not expect an easy walk. The competition in Ireland is huge and growing every year. Even though there is a wide selection of incubators, accelerators, and support programs.

The conditions are excellent and businesses from all over the world are looking to start in Ireland. Not everyone can do this, but there are successful examples of startups.

If you do not have a functioning business and you are going to Ireland to participate in an incubator or Bootcamp and then apply for a step-visa, then you have the option to get a 12-month visa. Science, technology, engineering, mathematics.

Finland: growing investments and the largest startup event

Startups and Finland in recent years, they are almost like synonyms. Tens of thousands of people, thousands of companies, millions of investments in startups-this is all about Finland and its ecosystem.

The spirit of entrepreneurship in Finland is so strong that in the fall of 2017, a test stream of Start-up schools is being launched, where 100 students from Finnish schools will be taught the culture and practice of start-UPS.

The country that gave the world Nokia and Angry Birds, which brings up a generation of enterprising people, invites the international community to join this holiday.

Moreover, the games are allocated to their own group because there is enough experience in this niche. What is the example of Rovio, the creators of the Angry Birds brand, which has long gone beyond the puzzle game and has become a cultural phenomenon? Even a full-length cartoon was released.

Special attention is paid to technological breakthroughs. If you or your team has an idea of how to optimize, for example, oil production, or create a mechanism that can finally compete with hand-made clothing, then you will be welcomed in Finland with open arms.

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