Business Immigration to Portugal


For foreign entrepreneurs who want to invest their capital or establish a business in Portugal, there are several unique programs that allow you to implement your plan. What are the conditions and, of course, the benefits of business immigration to Portugal, we will discuss later in this article.

Advantages of business immigration to Portugal

Residents of absolutely any country can use this opportunity to emigrate abroad. But, in fairness, it should be noted that most of the participants’ foreign businessmen who have received a residence permit in Portugal are Chinese.

The main advantage of buying or founding a business in Portugal with “0” is an instant residence permit, after 5 years of permanent residence, and a year later and citizenship. At the same time, from its original citizenship, you can not give up.

Businessmen-investors can live on a residence permit in Portugal for at least 1 week per year for the first year, and at least 2 weeks per year for the rest of the period. If you need to stay longer no one limits you.

And, of course, having your own business in the country is the key to a comfortable life for you!

Conditions of business immigration to Portugal

  1. Invest in the economy of the country the amount of 1 million euros or more. You can buy the assets of Portuguese government agencies, invest in securities and bonds. Importantly, the amount was not lower.
  2. Buy a ready-made business or establish your own with “0” and at the same time employ at least 10 indigenous people of Portugal.
  3. Buy real estate (residential or commercial), worth 400 thousand euros for densely populated areas of Portugal and 250 thousand euros, where the population density is not so high.

In addition to these costs, if you decide to establish a business, and not to invest money, for example, in real estate, monthly need to pay about 350 euros for accounting and delivery of all reports. The initial cost of paperwork will be about 1000 euros.

Note that the conditions of business immigration to Portugal are not too strict or Vice versa, too loyal. For example, in Greece, the procedure is a little easier, but in same Italy or Spain, on the contrary, more difficult.

This means that Portugal offers an adequate procedure for obtaining a residence permit for investment, as well as the opportunity on the basis of this to become a full citizen of the country in the future.

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