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A good education is the key to a bright future! Therefore, business schools in England today are so popular. What kind of education do these institutions provide and, most importantly, what are the prospects for their graduates? All this you will learn in this article!

Business schools appeared in Europe in the mid-60s. However, nowadays most of the most prestigious of them are located just in the UK.

Previously, the leading positions in training specialists in various fields of business were held by the United States, but according to the rating of the journal financial times, England took this championship. At once 8 business schools in England entered the TOP 50 leading educational institutions of the world!

Which business schools in England are recognized as the best?

The TOP 8 business schools were composed as follows:

  1. London business school
  2. Oxford University said
  3. Judge, University of Cambridge
  4. Lancaster University School Of Management
  5. Cranfield school of management
  6. Imperial College of business school
  7. Manchester Business School
  8. Cass Business School

What do modern British business schools teach?

Today, most business schools in England offer a very diverse system of training. But, in fairness, it is worth noting that the most popular is the MBA program, which is designated as a master of business administration.

The MBA program consists of a series of lectures that students hear, seminars, as well as practical classes. During the whole period of study, students conduct various group projects, the final of the training is a project and an internship in one of the UK companies. Thus, the training program helps to educate, indeed, experienced professionals who already have some practical skills in doing business.

Graduates of English business schools are becoming popular professionals around the world. But, as a rule, the majority finds themselves either in large British companies or start their own business. And, as for the first case, employment is carried out not on ordinary, but on the highest management positions.

Of course, almost all graduates of business schools have a very promising future, but it is worth taking into account that not everyone can be trained in one of these medical institutions. It affects both the high price for the entire period of study, and the initial data, the ability that the student must have. So before you ask yourself how to choose a business school in England, it is better to think about whether you will be able to master the program prepared in the framework of a particular course?!

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