Canadian immigration programs


Canada has a fairly large territory and a small density of settlement. Therefore, various immigration programs are very relevant in this country. And it is not surprising that there are many.

Become a resident of Canada can be related to, married. You can become a citizen by getting a professional education in this country. By the way, in Canada, the acquisition of other professions in the continuation of life is welcome. Sometimes fifty-year-old citizens sit at the desk. But in order of the most popular programs.

The Federal citizenship programs include professional programs.

Program to attract qualified specialists: In Canada, there is a list of professions in which the country is in great need. If the candidate has studied and worked for one of them (from one to six years) or has already been invited to work, the chances of obtaining a residence permit are increased. But it is necessary to meet other requirements; to know English or French at the level of seven out of ten, to have proof of their education from the competent authorities of Canada.

Legalization of residence in this country begins with obtaining the status of a resident of the country. Since last year, the procedure for obtaining this status has changed slightly. Now applicants are considered in six categories; education, language proficiency, how the applicant took place in the profession, age, conditions in order to settle in the country and get a job. For each category, you can get a certain number of points.

Under another Federal program, those people can immigrate to Canada.

There is a special program for holders of working specialties.

In addition, the desire of businessmen conducting legal business to become citizens of this country is welcomed. The main condition of this immigration program is to open a business in Canada.

In addition to Federal programs, each province has its own immigration programs. Their main task is to meet the needs of the province in the right skills. Welcome if the candidate has friends or relatives in the province. And also, if the applicant has received an invitation to work in this area.

The Quebec provincial program is special. If the candidate takes part in it, then other programs are already closed for him. He is obliged to participate only in the programs of this province. The most popular of them is the analog of the Federal program of qualified specialists. However, in recent years, Quebec has tightened the requirements for candidates; it is necessary to speak French quite freely (six out of ten) and education in the profession necessary in the region.

It should also be noted that the Canadian authorities do not leave their new citizens to fend for themselves. Public and private structures help migrants and their households to adapt in this country, fill in the CV correctly and answer questions during the interview absolutely free of charge.

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