Cayman Islands Foundation for ICO


Reliable and stable legislative regulation, excellent infrastructure for doing business, its own stock exchange, as well as the fact that the Cayman Islands has the largest number of investment funds and companies compared to all other States, attracts many who want to establish their cryptocurrency investment Fund here.

Since there is no official position of CIMA regarding the legal status of cryptocurrencies and tokens, they are still in the “neutral zone” at the legislative level. Local securities and stock market legislation provides a clear definition of what constitutes securities and financial instruments, and investment contracts are not recognized as securities. Because of this, to sell the tokens are safer because there is no risk that the regulator will intervene in the process to cancel.

The establishment and maintenance of the company in the Caymans can not be called cheap, but at the same time can not be called expensive, because all these costs are offset by the absence of taxation. Thus, the Cayman Islands continues to be a good choice for cryptocurrency investment funds, including hedge funds, financial institutions, and large infrastructure projects. This jurisdiction is also perfect for projects whose tokens have the characteristics of an investment contract.

As you can see, funds in the Cayman Islands are chosen for a reason; they are universal-you can choose the most appropriate organizational structure; have limited responsibility; easy to manage; their activities are limited only by internal corporate documents.

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