Compulsory health insurance in Dubai


The essence of this system is that now everyone should have some form of health insurance. Resident visas will not be issued if the applicant does not have health insurance.

Who should pay for insurance?

Providing health insurance in Dubai is primarily the responsibility of employers. In other words, every employer must provide all its employees with health insurance. However, employers are not required to insure Expat dependents.

The DHA encourages employers to also provide insurance for their employees ‘ dependents, but most still shift this responsibility to the employees themselves. Dependents are family members of employees of companies in Dubai who moved with them to this Emirate.

Therefore, if you are one of those expats whose employer does not provide health care to family members of their employees, you can take out private health insurance or choose one of the options from the mandatory basic package (Essential Benefits Plan, EBP).

What is the Essential Benefits Plan?

EBP is the minimum level of health insurance that residents of Dubai are required to have in accordance with the law. It is intended for those who earn less than 4 thousand dirhams per month.

So if you have uninsured family members (dependents) living with you in Dubai elderly parents, a non-working spouse, children, and/or housekeepers who earn less than 4 thousand dirhams per month, EBP is a good option. This insurance will cost you 650 dirhams per month.

This insurance covers the treatment of most common diseases, regular medical checkups, and emergency medical care. If you need something more than this, more “specialized” insurance, it is better to take out private insurance.

It should be borne in mind that insurance for the elderly over 65 years of age and women from 18 to 45 years of age is more expensive.

If you use the services of domestic staff, maids, or governesses and pay them less than 4 thousand dirhams per month, you can also insure them with EBP. If their monthly salary exceeds 4 thousand dirhams, you can choose another health insurance with the same or better coverage.

Today, about 60-70 percent of Dubai’s residents is low-income and use EBP.

What is covered by basic insurance?

EBP covers the most common inpatient and outpatient treatment, including tests, surgeries and diagnostic procedures, and physical therapy sessions (up to six times a year). However, insured patients are required to pay up to 20% of the costs (but no more than 500 dirhams at a time and 1,000 dirhams per year).

Also, according to the EBP, the insurer pays 70% of the cost of prescribed medicines (up to 1,500 dirhams per person). This includes, among other things, medications taken for disease prevention, and immunization procedures for newborns and children, as well as emergency medical care and ambulance services.

EBP also covers services for pregnant women, including blood tests, three ultrasounds, and eight doctor visits during pregnancy, natural birth, and emergency cesarean section. In these cases, insured patients are expected to pay up to 10% of the cost. Newborns are covered by the mother’s insurance for the first thirty days of life for neonatal screening and other tests.

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