Current Immigration Programs in Canada in 2020


Readers of our portal constantly ask the same question: how can I immigrate to Canada? Therefore, in this article, we would like to list the easiest and most effective ways to immigrate to Canada and obtain permanent resident status in 2020.

Looking at Canada’s immigration laws from a practical point of view, we have noticed that the immigration process to Canada has been really simplified over the past few years. In most cases, this process is simply about choosing the right category or stream to follow in order to quickly immigrate to Canada.

Express Entry

As the name implies, Express Entry is one of the most popular immigration streams among qualified immigrants. This program started in 2015 and has been a source of growth for skilled immigrants for the Canadian government.

Express Entry in Canada is a system for selecting applicants (applicants) based on points that the system automatically assigns to applicants based on information received from them in the application. Applicants (candidates) are ranked according to a pre-determined set of parameters, which are eventually summed up in the total score of each applicant.

Thus, the system is a pool of data from which it is very convenient and profitable (for the country) to recruit future citizens for certain purposes.

The advantages of the Express Entry system are many, and, therefore, it will only improve over time. For example, this system allows you to monitor the quality of the immigration flow, as well as significantly accelerate or slow it down.

Programs of provincial nominations

Provincial nomination programs (hereinafter referred to as PNP) allow Canadian territories and provinces to attract people who want to immigrate to Canada to them. Candidates must also be interested in settling in a particular province. Each provincial nominating program has at least one immigration category that corresponds to the immigration process through the Express Entry system.

Almost every Canadian province (except Quebec and Nunavut) has its own unique PNP. Under Canadian law, Quebec can choose its immigrants who want to settle in the province directly from the EE system. However, immigrants must meet certain Federal requirements for admission to Canada.

To be selected by a province or territory, follow the instructions on their websites and contact them directly.

Student route to permanent residency in Canada

Students taking a 2-year program at a Canadian University / College have a range of immigration options. Canadian employers are more attracted to students with previous Canadian experience. It is due to the high level of quality of Canadian education that Canada tries to retain foreign talents who graduate from its educational institutions.

Students are always encouraged to apply for dual intent, i.e. both temporary residence for work and study, and permanent residence in Canada. Dual intent allows a student to obtain a temporary study permit while they submit an application and wait for a decision on it. This makes Canada an even more profitable place for students to study.

Atlantic immigration pilot

The government of Canada has partnered with four Atlantic Provinces to launch an employer-focused program that aims to help Atlantic Canada’s employers hire qualified foreign workers.

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