Cyprus for migrant workers


Any migrant who goes to a country for work should be aware that he has not only duties but also a number of rights. They can be freely used to obtain the necessary social assistance. You will learn the rights of a migrant worker in Cyprus from this article.

So, for example, going to Cyprus, a migrant in obtaining a work permit must have absolutely equal rights and obligations with the local population. This is fixed in the legislation on labor rights and social protection. But, as practice shows, in fact, everything is quite the opposite.

Migrants, unlike Cypriots, are severely disadvantaged in the provision of health services. The assistance provided depends solely on how high the income level is. Of course, the free provision of services or at a reduced price is the place to be, but that’s about its quality you can think about.

Insurance for foreign employees

The social insurance scheme for workers is a mandatory procedure for both indigenous Cypriots and migrants. If the foreigner came to the country to work only during the off-season, they will not be included in the social insurance system.

If an employee is declared incapacitated for any reason, financial assistance will be provided. As a rule, its payment is carried out no more than in three days from the moment of the appeal to social service.

In Cyprus, work and residence permits are inseparable. If a migrant becomes unemployed, his / her residence documents will be recognized, not valid. Unemployment payments are not provided for foreigners. Accordingly, the recognition of an immigrant unemployed will lead to his deportation from the country.

If a migrant gets a job in a private house, the system for his employment will be significantly simplified. For example, a contract between an employee and an employer does not have to be approved by the Ministry of labor.

But at the same time, there are certain rules that must be followed when taking a migrant to work:

  • The employer is obliged to pay all required contributions to the Ministry of social protection of labor, and the presence of a child over the age of 12 is mandatory.
  • To hire immigrant rights is only the family whose income is more than 30,000 pounds a year.
  • Female migrants are only allowed to work as caregivers for sick, incapacitated family members, as well as caregivers for elderly people with disabilities of all groups.

The above is only a minimum list of rules established by the Ministry of labor and social protection of the island of Cyprus. All detailed information on the procedure of registration of employment of foreign citizens is available on the official website of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Cyprus. All information is presented in English.

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