Divorce proceedings in France


When we fall in love, we always think positively. We do not think that after some time we may face such an unpleasant manifestation of reality as divorce.

And this is natural, because, for example, people living near the volcano, do not constantly think about the possibility of an eruption. However, they know exactly what to do in the event of a disaster. This article will help our readers to be aware and properly direct their actions, if divorce is inevitable, namely divorce in France.

In General, divorce abroad is a delicate matter. Each country has its own nuances, France is no exception.

Grounds for divorce in France

In France, the divorce process is taken seriously. Therefore, if one of the spouses wishes to divorce, then in order to get a divorce, it is necessary to submit to the court strong evidence that divorce is necessary. The phrase “do not agree” is not considered a reason for divorce. Since 2005, a new law has entered into force in France, which States that divorce is possible in the following cases:

  1. The mutual decision of the spouses to divorce.
  2. Divorce through the fault of the wife or husband. In this case, the guilt must be proved.
  3. The pair stay separated for more than 2 years. This period was 6 years before the adoption of the new law.

Divorce proceedings

Divorce in France occurs only through the court. If the desire to divorce belongs to only one of the couple, this process consists of two stages:

  • If there are children in the family, a decision on guardianship is taken at the first meeting, and the court also makes a decision on compensation to the spouse whose income is less.
  • The second stage involves the division of property. This issue is dealt with by a notary. The procedure must be in accordance with French law. In case of disagreement of one of the spouses with the results of the division of property, this issue is dealt with by the court.

If the family brings up children who were born in the French state, and the parents do not have citizenship, the export of children to another country is prohibited.

It should be noted that divorce in France is a long and complicated process. Although the government is trying to simplify the procedure, at the moment there are no significant changes.

Alimony and financial compensation

The amount of alimony for minor children can vary from several hundred to several thousand euros. The amount depends primarily on the income of the spouse, as well as on the degree of his guilt in the divorce.

In France, it is possible to pay a one-time compensation, which should be no more than 50,000 euros. That is, the guilty spouse pays the amount to the injured spouse immediately and forgets about everything. Or Vice versa.

Very often husbands try to force their ex-wives to give up alimony, threatening to ban the child from leaving France. In such cases, the foreign wife is forced to reside in the country without the right to travel abroad. To avoid such a situation, it is better to give birth to a child in the homeland. After all, dual citizenship is allowed in France, and if your child is born in another country, then you can easily go with him to his homeland or to another country and receive alimony.

The obligation to pay compensation for the maintenance of one of the spouses after divorce in France, as a rule, rarely persists. However, there are cases when the court obliges the spouse to pay compensation to the one of them who was left without means of existence.

The cost of divorce

We are talking about a complex divorce procedure; the fault of one of the spouses, when the couple has minor children and needs to share property. In this case, the range of attorney fees can start from 4000 euros. If the couple expressed a desire to share jointly acquired real estate or other property, you need to pay for the work of a notary. Here prices vary depending on the value of the property. For example, if the cost of housing in 500.000 euros, notary services will cost about 20 000.

In addition, the spouses must pay 2.5% tax on the value of the divided property to the state.

If at the time of divorce the foreign wife is unemployed, she can hire a lawyer for free. His services will be paid for by the state.

If a woman is poorly provided, the state will provide her with partial assistance. Single mothers receive assistance from the state in the amount of the minimum salary for a year.

If you have already received a residence permit or French citizenship, no one will take it, you will be able to live in this country and further. But it should be remembered that a residence permit for 10 years can get those people who are married to a citizen or a citizen of France 3 or more years.

If the couple has lived less than 3 years, then, as a rule, the foreign spouse is expelled from the country.

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