Do you want to go Uruguay?


Uruguay, as a place to live, probably few of us considered. And in vain! In this exotic country, you can find a lot of attractive moments. Many decide to move to Uruguay, why, you will learn in this article.

What is so attractive about life in Uruguay?

Uruguay takes the 20th place in the ranking of countries in which the most favorable conditions for a living are created. There are many other positive aspects of living in Uruguay. The most attractive are the following:

  • High living standard.
  • Low crime rate. This state is consistently ranked 26th in terms of security in the world.
  • Excellent climatic conditions. Summer all year round can be for someone the limit of perfection. Almost all year round there is no winter. More precisely winter is, but the temperature in winter reaches 23 -27 degrees. Sometimes falls to -5.
  • The population of Uruguay is a mixture of Spaniards and Portuguese.
  • Uruguayan citizens receive free medical care and education.
  • The low level of unemployment.
  • Having received the citizenship of this state, there is no need to renounce the citizenship of your country.
  • Cheap property.
  • Good conditions for business development.
  • High-quality food.
  • Low retail prices.
  • Goodwill and education of the local population.

Obtaining a residence permit in Uruguay?

Getting a residence permit in Uruguay is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The government of this state has adopted several programs that allow immigrants to obtain a residence permit:

  1. Program for pensioners
  2. Program for entrepreneurs
  3. The rentier program

These programs differ only in that they need to specify information about the source of income. This information will differ depending on the program. In principle, to obtain a permanent residence permit, and in the future and citizenship, you need to live in Uruguay, have a steady income, pay taxes and learn the language. That’s enough.

Many agencies offer their clients some murky scheme to create a fictitious business in this country in order to obtain a residence permit. This is absolutely unnecessary. Such questionable agencies make money on gullible people who do not know the peculiarities of migration legislation.

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