Doing business in Malta


Many investors who want to invest in profitable business abroad, as the main option, choose Cyprus, where is a well-known tax Paradise. But, in fairness, it should be noted that to buy a business in Malta is a much more profitable distribution of funds. Malta, even in comparison to Cyprus, has a large number of advantages, especially in relation to investors and their capital holdings.

As in any other state, buying a business in Malta is not just a way to increase equity, but also an effective method of obtaining the citizenship of this island power. For investors and businessmen developed to simplify the issue of citizenship, so you can become a Maltese and get a passport for 1.5 years.

Business in Malta: Where to invest?

The scope of business activity on the island is multifaceted. This is evidenced by the very location of Malta; at the intersection of trade routes between Africa, Europe, and Asia. Especially developed here is the sphere of tourism, and this, as you know, indirectly refers to many other areas in the business:

  • Passenger transport
  • Organization of rest
  • Hotel and restaurant business
  • Apartments for rent and sale
  • Communication services

In addition, Malta has a large number of business lending programs, as well as a number of conditions for the provision of tax benefits.

How to start a business in Malta?

If the option is to buy a ready-made business in Malta is not for you, then in order to formalize your company, from scratch, you need to register the Charter of the organization and pay the registration fee in the tax service of the country. Moreover, for companies such as LLC, the minimum share capital may be only $ 1,250.

According to the law of the country, the shareholders of the organization must be at least 2 people; an individual and a legal entity. As for the terms of business registration, on average it takes 1-2 weeks.

The advantages of doing business in Malta

  1. Buying a business in Malta, or creating it from scratch is profitable for the reason that the entrepreneur gets not only the opportunity to influence the domestic market of the state but also the European market.
  2. Malta is a country with a solid currency and a stable financial atmosphere. The state tolerates the economic crises of recent years with minimal losses.
  3. The country is recognized as one of the safest in the European Union.
  4. If you manage to become a resident of Malta, you, as an entrepreneur, will receive very tangible tax benefits.
  5. The state provides powerful support to the business.

Malta is one of the best options where you can invest your funds with minimal risk and maximum profit!

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