Family unification in the Czech Republic


How to draw up documents for family reunification in the Czech Republic, you will learn from this article.

If an alien has a long-term residence permit or a permanent residence permit and has been in the Czech Republic for at least fifteen months, his wife/husband, minor children and dependent adult children may apply for a residence permit for the purpose of family reunification in the Czech Republic.

An application for a long-term residence permit for the purpose of family reunification must be submitted to the Embassy of the Czech Republic.

Together with the application, the foreigner must submit documents that confirm family ties, as well as evidence of a sufficient level of income for the family.

Labour rights and social assistance

With regard to health care, migrant workers receive the same services as citizens of the Czech Republic or EU countries.

Persons who temporarily reside in the Czech Republic, in particular, long-term migrants, cannot remain in the country after the actual end of their work, despite the period of residence specified in the work permit.

As a rule, migrant workers provide their own housing, unless otherwise provided by the employment contract. Trade unions, together with the tenants ‘ rights protection Association, can help solve housing problems.

Labour rights violations and exploitation

Sectors of the economy where there is a high level of forced labour and labour exploitation are construction, agriculture and services (e.g. cleaning services, trade and catering services, restaurants and bistros). Women are often employed in agriculture, cleaning and domestic work. Men mainly work in construction and forestry. Among the employees of restaurants and catering establishments, as well as among the sales staff, women and men are approximately equal.

Vulnerability to the employer, full dependence on him, difficult situations are the norm among migrants who find themselves in labor exploitation. Often the salary was not paid, and documents were withdrawn. Violence, threats of violence, transfer of migrants to the authorities and restrictions of freedom occurred quite often.

Persons who are victims of labour exploitation in the Czech Republic most often come from countries of the former USSR, in particular from Ukraine, as well as from Asia, especially from Viet Nam.

Trade unions maintain equal treatment of workers in the Czech labour market, regardless of nationality. As for foreigners, trade unions are mainly concerned with labour legislation and regulation. All workers, including foreigners, have the right to join trade unions. Trade unions provide free legal advice to foreign workers.

The representation of labour migrants by non-governmental organizations focuses mainly on ensuring the human rights of foreigners. NGOs also provide numerous services to foreigners, including social, legal and psychological assistance.

In the Czech Republic, victims/witnesses who intend to testify against traffickers can obtain temporary residence permits, employment, social assistance and, in extreme cases, police protection.

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