Find your internship abroad: 6 new destinations


If you are looking for an internship abroad, this is your lucky day today, because we have created six new dreamy countries perfect for just internships: Canada, England, Japan, Spain, South Africa, and Germany.

When it comes to finding an internship abroad, we would say that step one is to decide exactly where in the world you want to go. What you should consider are questions such as: Which language do I want to develop in? What kind of work culture do I prefer? Which industry do I dream of working in? Thereafter, the choice of internship destination becomes somewhat simpler. North America? Asia? Down Under? Or maybe only to a neighboring country in Europe? One thing is for sure, no matter where in the world you want to go, you can find a solution for yourself.

1. Internship in South Africa – Cape Town

South Africa as a country in itself is an incredible destination, so trying to work here maximizes a longer stay even more. Cape Town is a city of contrasts where multiculturalism is reminded of everywhere. Here you can practice with everything from marketing in the wine industry to finance and medicine – and everything in between!

2. Internship in Canada – Toronto

In addition to finding some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes in Canada, you can also visit some really cool metropolises perfect for practice – what about the cities of Toronto and Vancouver? Toronto’s growing financial sector makes the city an exciting place for those interested in finance, and accounting. Furthermore, it is a cruel place for anyone who wants to practice in marketing, communication, tourism, and culture, at start-ups as well as global players.

3. Internship in England – London

Do you want to tip CV in a European metropolis, London is the place for you! In London, over 250 languages ​​are spoken, making the city the world’s most multilingual place. In other words, a perfect destination for immersion in multiculturalism in many different industries.

London, for example, has a large financial sector and a growing tech sector, which makes the city an obvious practice destination as the market moves rapidly and job opportunities are constantly developing. In addition, London is a leader in the art scene, opening doors for those who want to practice in fashion, music, art, and theater.

4. Internship in Germany – Berlin

Germans are known for being hard-working people and companies in the country have a generally good reputation for having well-functioning workplaces. Here you will find multinational companies that are leaders in innovation and technology, as well as NGOs with the same thinking. In addition to learning about the working culture in Germany, you learn what life in Berlin is like – a big city that is a mecca for European history, culture, and nightlife. An added bonus is one the residents of Berlin are incredibly friendly.

5. Internship in Spain – Seville

Who does not want to combine their internship abroad but the Spanish sun and siesta? As a trainee in Seville, Spain, you have the opportunity to try out Spanish life and, in addition, to refine your CV in most sectors. Best of all is that during the weekends you can go on road trips to, for example, Lisbon in Portugal!

6. Internship in Japan – Tokyo

An internship in Japan is something out of the ordinary, and not least one in futuristic Tokyo. If you are looking for a content-rich and challenging internship in a lively metropolitan environment with over 13 million (!) Residents, this is the place for you. In Tokyo, they can help you with internships in everything from large global companies to political NGOs and small innovative start-ups in most sectors.

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