German citizenship through investment


Do you think it is possible to buy German citizenship, or the term does not apply to this state? The answer to this question, as well as other useful information that is directly or indirectly related to it, you will find in our article!

Is it possible to buy citizenship in Germany?

In the truest sense of the expression, it is impossible to do! Yes, some European countries practice such order as investing in the economy of a certain amount of money instead of obtaining a passport. But, not Germany!

Moreover, we note that there is still an opportunity to invest, but it does not provide the right to preferential citizenship! That is, in fact, buy German citizenship is unrealistic, for investment can only provide a basis for citizenship, but the registration of a residence permit, the permanent residence will have to take place in the general order, within the prescribed period! By the way, we recommend you to read more about all the conditions for obtaining a German passport!

Rules of investing in Germany to get a passport

So, what exactly in Germany is considered an investment and at the same time, the basis for a long stay in the country?

  1. Acquisition of commercial real estate, the cost of which will be more than 250 thousand euros. We are talking about warehouses, production plants, service stations, and other objects that do not fall under the concept of residential real estate! (Yes, the availability of housing in Germany, no matter how much it costs, is not the basis for living in the country).
  2. Establishment of business (new or subsidiary), with the simultaneous employment of at least 5 people from the indigenous population.
  3. Buying an existing business in Germany and, again, employment from 5 Germans!

Once again, in this case, you should not expect to accelerate the process of obtaining German citizenship. You just get the grounds for a residence permit, after which you can apply for permanent residence, and then citizenship!

Is it worth investing?

Note that you are not investing in the country, but in yourself, in the possibility of living in a developed state! And, if you have the money for this, definitely, “the game is worth the candle.” The fact is that to get a German passport in other ways is quite difficult, so for wealthy people, sometimes, the way to invest is the only way to get the right to live in Germany!

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