Higher education in Poland


Recently, studying abroad has become more popular than a few decades ago. In this article, we will tell you about the education system in Poland, as well as about what advantages a graduate of a Polish university can get.

Higher education in Poland every year becomes more accessible for foreign students, more and more universities in Poland are invited to study. More and more graduates apply to Polish universities and there is a logical explanation for this.

Education in private Polish universities is much cheaper than in public universities. Of course, the cost of training depends on many factors (for example, the rating of the university or the prestige of the faculty or specialty), but the overall picture of the cost of training is directed in favor of private universities in Poland.

If we are talking about the cost of studying in Poland, it should be said that there is an opportunity to get higher education in Poland for free (not counting accommodation, of course). For example, studying in Poland for the holders of the Polish Card takes place on the same conditions as for the citizens of Poland. Moreover, this category of students can receive scholarships (the size of scholarships is variable and depends on total income, success in science, sports and many other factors).

Another important feature of education in Poland is the ability to take entrance documents 2 times a year. The fact is that the system of higher education in Poland provides for 2 academic semesters (autumn and spring), and you can start learning from any. It is difficult to say whether it is good or bad from the point of view of the training itself, but it is definitely convenient for applicants who have chosen to study in Poland. It should be noted about this feature; the main entrance semester is autumn (as in most universities of the world), the spring semester is considered as an additional one.

Foreigners can get higher education in Poland in one of 2 languages:

  1. Polish
  2. English

Since education in Poland is much cheaper in Polish, the choice of Polish as the base language is becoming more frequent.

As already mentioned, higher education in Poland is part of European education, so Polish universities participate in various international training programs (for example, in the exchange program of Erasmus students). This is a great opportunity for students to try to study for some time in various universities in Europe, to get acquainted with the culture of these countries.

The system of knowledge assessment in Polish universities may differ significantly from the usual one. Points are credited not only for exams but also for various types of academic work.

Foreign students who get an education in Poland, have the opportunity to study a certain number of hours (foreign students who were able to get a Polish Card, can study at the level of Polish citizens). Polish universities have career bureaus that cooperate with employers, and successful students can count on interesting offers in their specialties.

In addition, for students for the period of study in Poland, there are discounts on public transport. Knowledge of these features when studying in Poland will not only make money but also save where possible.

Higher education in Poland is becoming more attractive for foreign students with European thinking and prospects to live by European standards today.

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