How to buy a car in Dubai?


Moving to Dubai sooner or later, many people think about buying a car. Cars in the UAE are often cheaper than in Europe or the United States, and the cost of gasoline and maintenance in this country is also much lower. In addition, there are many dealers in Dubai that offer a large selection of both new and used cars in perfect condition.

Although buying a car in Dubai is a quick and easy procedure, you still need to consider some nuances. This article will help you save time and nerves, you will know about the subtleties of the purchase process, insurance, and registration.

The first thing you need to know is that only those who have a residence permit in the UAE can buy a car in Dubai, so You must officially reside in the Emirate. We remind you that we help you get various visas in the UAE, including real estate investment visas, work visas, and others.

New or used?

The first thing to decide for those who want to buy a car in Dubai is whether it will be new or used.

As mentioned above, new cars in the UAE are usually cheaper than in other countries, and used ones are even lower. Since the flow of ex-pats in Dubai is very high, you will see that here you can get really good deals on almost new cars. Expats come and go, some have to leave the Emirate urgently for some reason, and so they try to sell their car as quickly as possible, offering really attractive prices.

If you only want a new car, then you will find a lot of dealers representing major Japanese and American brands in Dubai, and the cost of the car here will be significantly lower than the amount you would pay for the same car in Europe or the United States. For many ex-pats, the very good news is that in Dubai they can afford a more attractive car than the one they could buy for the same money at home.

Dealer or private person?

The UAE car market is very dynamic, and the desire of local residents to constantly update their fleet has led to the fact that new and used car sales are almost identical in Dubai.

Expats often buy used cars for personal use either directly from the owner, or through large or small car dealerships. When buying a used car, it is important to clarify two main points: your maximum budget (which should immediately include insurance and transfer fees, as well as the amount that will be spent on maintenance, such as replacing tires, etc.) and what type of car You need (four-wheel drive, sports, luxury, etc.).

If you are buying a relatively new car (which is less than 5 years old), it makes sense to buy it directly from the owner. In most cases, the same car at the dealer will cost 20-30% more. However, the dealer can offer additional services for this amount, such as after-sales service.

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