How to find a job in Ireland?


If you are one of the many more who decided to try out their luck in lucky Ireland, you are at the right place to find some useful information and tips that we gathered to help you start your new job adventure easily.

It is always easier when you already have sorted your PPS Number and bank account, it shows that you are planning to stay and that you available for interview anytime.

Here are some things that you should remember when you are searching for a job in Ireland:
  • Make sure to include proper experiences per CV (for example, if you are applying for the Graphic Design job, don’t include that few years of working in local coffee shops or restaurants – better include some unique skills that you are happy to offer).
  • The hospitality and sales jobs adverts are often hanged out from the same shop/pub, so it is quite easy to find a job in this field, remember that you don’t have to stick with your first job, you are always able to change a job and find something else that will satisfy you more.
  • The best way to find a job is to go door-to-door, ask for the manager of the place and introduce yourself with printed CV (and portfolio)  in your hands – most of the good opportunities can be offered to you this way.
  • You have to have a reasonable knowledge of English language, in some jobs surely can be enough only knowing the basic work language which you need to do your work right.
Some other things to try out:
  • Online job seeking webpages like,,,, and many more where you can browse different offers based on your education, experience, or location – inspiration and imagination in Google Search can help a lot.
  • Recruitment Agencies can help you find a job, and there are many out there for different types of work.

There are many opportunities, as long as you keep your eyes open. Be prepared that you won’t work in the dream job that you have imagined in your mind right from the start. It will take some time and hard work to get there. But in the beginning of your Irish life it is important to find any job to help you going financially through everyday life.

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