How to get a residence permit in Israel?


This article provides information on how to get a residence permit in Israel! You will learn about the main methods of acquiring this status, as well as what documents will be needed for its registration!

Israel is one of the main countries to which many foreigners prefer to go. On the territory of the state has already developed quite impressive in its number of the diaspora. And most interesting is that the flow of wanting to move to Israel is not getting smaller! On the contrary, every year there are more and more people who prefer to do it.

Ways to travel to Israel and obtain a residence permit

You can get a residence permit in Israel, in accordance with the current state migration programs:

  • Repatriation
  • Naturalization
  • Under the citizenship act program
  • Israeli citizenship through marriage

Depending on the option you choose (among the above), you get a reason for a long stay in the country. And it gives you the right to issue a residence permit!

What gives you residence permit in Israel?

This status provides the right to long-term residence in the country, within its validity. If necessary and there are grounds, the residence permit can be extended. It should also be noted that the status is also the first step on the way to Israeli citizenship. Therefore, you plan to spend a few months in Israel or chose to go the way of obtaining citizenship of this state, you will need a residence permit, in any case!

What documents are needed for a residence permit in Israel?

To acquire the status of a residence permit in Israel, a foreign citizen will need to prepare the following documents translated into the state language and certified by a notary:

  1. Birth certificate, internal passport
  2. Your valid passport
  3. Photo of the established sample
  4. Certificate of no criminal record
  5. Target documents for the acquisition of a residence permit

The maximum period of validity of a residence permit in Israel is 5 years. However, a document with this validity period is rarely issued. As a rule, a residence permit is issued for 2 years with the right to further extension.

Having lived a sufficient period of residence permit, you will be able to obtain the status of permanent residence, and there, and to Israeli citizenship at hand! As for the mandatory period of stay in the country for a temporary residence permit, it varies, taking into account the migration program chosen by the foreigner.

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