How to get Finnish citizenship?


In the article, we will consider in detail all the existing methods of how to obtain Finnish citizenship. It will also raise the issue of the reasons for the implementation of this process and given the timing in which you can get a Finnish passport, according to the various immigration program.

The last time the Law on obtaining Finnish citizenship was changed in 2011. To date, the list of options for obtaining a Finnish passport is presented in the form of 4 programs, which we will consider below.

Conditions for obtaining Finnish citizenship

  1. Citizenship by birth: Finnish citizenship is automatically granted to a child by birth if the mother has Finnish citizenship. Another option is if the father is a citizen of the country and they have a formal marriage with the child’s mother.
  2. Finnish citizenship at adoption: In the event that the citizens of the country adopted a foreign child whose age is less than 12 years, citizenship he receives automatically. If the adopted child is older than the specified age, he must apply for a Finnish passport.
  3. Finnish citizenship based on declaration: This program is a simplified version of the entry into citizenship. It is suitable if you were previously a citizen of this country if you are a citizen of another country, but your father has Finnish citizenship. In addition, under the program, citizenship can be obtained by an adopted child, aged 12 years (as we wrote earlier), as well as a person aged 18 to 22 years, legally lived for several years in the country.
  4. Finnish citizenship on application: In other words, it is a naturalization program. It is relevant for all foreign citizens and allows you to get a Finnish passport after 4 – 7 years of residence in the state.
    As for the cost of citizenship, officially a foreign citizen must pay a fee in the amount of 80 to 350 euros (the price varies depending on the program of citizenship). Additional costs, of course, are also available. They are associated with the need to bring all your documents in the required state.

In General, if you are really impressed with Finland, obtaining citizenship will not be such a difficult process. The main thing is to clearly understand why you need it!

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