How to get permanent residence in Seychelles?


If you want to come and live in Seychelles happily ever after, without a permanent residence permit will not be able to do. If you are not on the list of prohibited immigrants of this country, if you have family ties with Seychelles or if you have made a significant investment in the development of the economy, culture or society of Seychelles, the permanent residence will be provided to you.

As a permanent resident of Seychelles, You will need to live here at least five days a year and so every year. Naturally, you will need to provide documentary proof of their financial viability. You will need to transfer approximately £ 5,000 or $ 10,000 per year to your Seychelles account.

In addition to moving, Seychelles can be considered as a jurisdiction for the registration of offshore companies. Seychelles companies are very popular due to their low cost. As an offshore consultant and professional in this field, I can buy offshore in Seychelles for $ 250. Offshore companies in Seychelles are completely exempt from the need to pay taxes to the authorities of Seychelles if the company’s activities are carried out outside the Islands. Another advantage of Seychelles and therefore popular Seychelles international business companies is that Seychelles is an independent country.

That is, Seychelles is an independent country, and not dependent, for example, from the UK offshore jurisdictions such as the BVI, Anguilla, Turks and Caicos Islands, Cayman Islands, Island of Man, Channel Islands. All these British offshore jurisdictions are suffering from the tightening of the screws by the UK authorities, who demand to increase the level of bureaucracy.

If you want to move abroad to legally avoid paying extra taxes, then Seychelles will not be a priority for you until there is news of the latest tax changes in Seychelles. But as for the registration of offshore companies, the popularity of Seychelles companies will only grow.

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