How to move to the Dominican Republic?


Warm and Sunny weather almost all year round, gentle and friendly sea, smiling and happy people around all this and much more the main reason why the Dominican Republic annually hosts thousands of tourists. Because of the favorable climatic conditions and beautiful nature, many dreams of living on a permanent basis here. But is it easy to live in the Dominican Republic, as future immigrants imagine?

What do you need to move?

In order to be able to apply for a residence permit, it is necessary to issue not an ordinary tourist visa, on which you can stay in the country for a maximum of 1 month, but a special visa for a residence permit. You can apply for such a visa at the Embassy of the Dominican Republic.

If you are going to immigrate to the Dominican Republic, it is only for the sake of rest and quiet happy life. For the sake of work to immigrate here is meaningless, because the proposals will be very, very little. However, if you are a highly qualified specialist, the way is open for you, and there is always a job. People who have a remote job or work on the Internet can also easily move to the Dominican Republic. Open a business in this country is simple, which is a plus for businessmen.

The official language in the Dominican Republic, which you will need to learn when you immigrate here to communicate with local people, as well as to obtain citizenship, is Spanish.

Cost of living

Rent an apartment in the Dominican Republic will cost you the price of $ 300, depending on the size of the apartment you want to rent. A one-bedroom apartment can be easily rented for $ 300-350 per month; two-bedroom for $ 450-600. Rent a house or Villa will cost from $ 900.

Local products in the Dominican Republic are inexpensive. Especially a variety of seafood here in abundance, any family can afford them. On average, the cost of buying food per person per month will range from $ 200, depending on what you eat.

Mentality and facts about the Dominican Republic

People in this country, as mentioned above, smiling and kind. If you are a girl, you can easily get a compliment from a Dominican simply because he wanted to tell you nicely. Also, don’t be surprised if someone approached you with the words “Amor” (love) or “Mivida” (my life). Such appeals to absolutely any women are acceptable.

Dominicans love children, and it’s perfectly normal if a stranger asks to hold your baby. It also allows you to enter into early marriages, but only with parental permission. It is quite possible for girls to get married at the age of 15, and for guys at 16.

People in the Dominican Republic are open and do not hesitate to themselves and their actions. Also, no one is shy to sing!

Despite the fact that Dominicans often use rum, drunk people on the streets you rarely see. The smoking problem too often does not occur the majority of Dominicans do not smoke.

The Dominican Republic truly deserves the title of tropical Paradise and is always ready to accept new immigrants. Conditions for life here are favorable, and they guarantee you a happy and joyful life. Choosing to immigrate to the Dominican Republic, you will not change your decision in the future!

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