How to obtain a permanent residence permit (permanent residence) in Belize?


A Permanent residence permit in Belize is of great interest. To qualify for it, you must live in the country for more than 1 year in a row, without leaving the territory for more than 14 days. As you remember, the period of stay under the program for pensioners is not counted, so it is used mainly renewable Tourist Card.

In addition to the term, it is required to provide personal documents (passports, birth and marriage certificates), an extract from the police about the absence of a criminal record. You will have to undergo a medical examination to make sure that you are not a carrier of dangerous diseases such as AIDS.

Still, need two recommendations from the locals who know you a year or more. The most common solution; local doctors, officials, lawyers, and other employees.

Apply for permanent residence can be a representative of any country, although there is a risk of failure. At the same time, it is allowed to import personal belongings one-time without duty, excluding vehicles.

After receiving permanent residence, you have the right to work, receive a salary or work for yourself, in other words, to receive income in the country, not only abroad. Removed the restriction on travel and allowed to be outside the country as you want.

The cost of the application depends on nationality and will cost from 250 to 5000 dollars.

The review takes time and is not always transparent. If you refuse, it is not always even clear why.

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