How to obtain Belize citizenship?


After five years with a permanent residence permit, a person is eligible to apply for citizenship and a Belize passport. Again you need to provide a passport, account statements and from the police, plus show that you really have five years of permanent resident status.

You will need to prove that you speak English and the history of Belize. English is recommended to keep on the level always, and the history of Belize can be read in a couple of books, the benefit of it is small.

Another way to obtain citizenship is to marry a citizen of Belize. To do this, you must obtain permission from the Ministry of the Attorney General and pay a fee of $ 25. A year after the marriage, a foreigner has the full right to apply for citizenship of Belize. In the case of children, the process is accelerated even more.

There is information that Belize offers a citizenship by investment program. This was in the history of the country, but now there is no active and legal program. Therefore, check the adequacy of a particular advertising text, especially the “second citizenship program in Belize” is considered the most classic example of fraud, since it has not existed since 2002.

Passport registration takes 6-12 months.

After receiving a passport of a citizen of Belize, allowed to travel to 93 countries without a visa-almost. But the list of visa-free countries includes the UK with Ireland, Andorra with Gibraltar, Turkey with Israel, and Mexico with Hong Kong. Among other things, it is easy to travel to the Caribbean, so if you decide to open a company not only in Belize but also, say, in St. Kitts and Nevis, will be able to personally attend.

Passport allows you to vote on a par with the local, as well as to hold public office.

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