How to obtain citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda?


To obtain citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda is possible if you work here and stay resident for 7 years. This is not the shortest period, however, shorter than in most countries of the world. The only thing is to get a work permit is quite difficult.

If you were born on this island after October 31, 1981 (when the Islands became independent) and are not the child of ambassadors, you get citizenship despite the citizenship of the parents. Also after this date, all children born to citizens of Antigua and Barbuda, even outside the country can get a passport of these Islands.

In addition to working for 7 years, citizenship can be obtained by those persons who are citizens of the British Commonwealth and have lived the same period in the Islands. In addition, they do not need to obtain additional work permits, the labor market is open for them. So, if you have a passport of another state of The British Commonwealth, you can save money and live here for 7 years.

Another option for obtaining citizenship is to marry a local resident: a citizen or a person with a permanent residence permit. Sham marriages are tracked, but there are not many brides and grooms on the island who are willing to marry for the sake of foreign citizenship. In addition, you need to live at least 3 years of marriage and at the time of application for citizenship to be together.

Today it is possible to obtain citizenship quickly, reliably and without unnecessary “love” fuss. Of course, we are talking about obtaining citizenship by investment.

Economic citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda (Citizenship by Investment)

The legislation governing the” sellers ” of investment citizenship has been effectively written off from similar legislation in the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. For example, at the start of the program in 2013 there was a 35-day residence requirement for the first 5 years, starting in November 2014 the residence requirement was lowered to 5 days for 5 years.

Wealthy entrepreneurs who are willing to spend a significant amount on a passport and citizenship for the investment of one of the countries of The British Commonwealth, do not always have free time to live in the Caribbean.

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