How to open a Bank account in Gibraltar?


In order to open an account in Gibraltar, you should carefully prepare and consider the following points:

  • Most banks do not work directly with clients and prefer to cooperate with specialists. This is beneficial to the client, as a good specialist will help with the paperwork, which will reduce the chance of denial of service.
  • To open an account that in private banking, for corporate purposes, may require a personal meeting with the bank’s managers.
  • Documents need to be translated into English.
  • Personal accounts are almost impossible to open, private banking is difficult even with amounts of 1 million euros.
  • Corporate accounts are opened for specific activities, but also with great difficulties.
  • Gibraltar exchanges tax information under FATCA and Common Reporting Standard.
  • Customers from the CIS are perceived with additional caution.

Gibraltar banks have the right to demand not only the usual documents proving the identity of the beneficiaries and their residential addresses, but also additional ones. They carefully select clients, which makes the procedure of opening an account in Gibraltar long and unpredictable.

If you need a bank account faster and with greater predictability, we are ready to offer you alternatives. It can be both payment systems and bank accounts around the world.

In that case, if you opened a company in Gibraltar, you will be able to open a corporate bank account in almost any country. The specific choice depends on the type of business, the location of the client.

Opening a non-resident corporate account is generally not easy, but for a company from a reputable jurisdiction, it is still much more predictable.

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