How to quickly get German citizenship?


Germany is a good enough country for immigration. It is a country that is located in the heart of Europe. It is bordered by Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Holland, Czech Republic, and Poland. The capital is Berlin. The official language is German.

How to obtain German citizenship?

Germany is of great interest to foreigners. The German Republic has good economic and political infrastructure. As for the geographical location, many countries can only envy, because Germany is the economic heart of Europe.

Germany differs from other countries in its unique purity. If you come to Germany, be sure to pay attention to the fact that plastic bags and plastic bottles on the streets of this country are absent.

German citizenship, first of all, can be obtained by ethnic Germans, as well as Jews (this is like compensation for the past genocide). Also, the right to citizenship are persons who were deprived of citizenship in a difficult period from 1933 (Holodomor) to 1945 (war) years. This possibility of obtaining citizenship is called naturalization. The essence of this possibility is the need to live in Germany for eight years.

If you have the circumstances in such a way that you are married to a German, then after two years after your registration of marriage, as well as three years of residence in Germany, you have the right to apply for citizenship. This request may be denied if the marriage was fictitious and has only a formal character.

A child of foreign parents can obtain German citizenship in the following circumstances:

  • When his mother or father lives in Germany. Only if they have been legally resident for at least eight years.
  • If the child was born in the territory of the German Republic. When one of the child’s parents has an indefinite residence permit. The residence permit must be open for at least three years.

Standard conditions for obtaining German citizenship

  1. The presence of eight years of continuous residence in Germany.
  2. The presence of a residence permit or a permanent residence. A residence permit must be issued for long-term residence. You shouldn’t have a criminal record or a problem with the law.
  3. Having an income that should be sufficient to enable you to provide for yourself and your family.
  4. The presence of the apartment (rent or own).
  5. Knowledge of German.
  6. Your renunciation of citizenship of another country (exceptions apply to refugees who have a legal right to dual citizenship).

It is not easy to obtain German citizenship, but it is possible. If you finally decided to migrate to this country, then you will have to make every effort to obtain citizenship.

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