How to save money while traveling?


Travelling can be a lot of fun, but depending on the place you want to visit, it can get quite costly too. This is why we have comprised a list with some of the best money saving tips that will allow you to have fun while travelling even if you are on a budget.

Flight saving

The most important thing here is to travel at the cheapest times. Flying during the week is less expensive, and you might want to do that rather than going in a weekend flight! Also, depending on the company you use, you will find out that there are different costs, so you might want to compare prices and go with the lower one. We recommend you to travel in the low season, when the summer season ends. This is the perfect time to find some low prices rather than going in the middle of the season!

Additionally, you might want to consider a travel that comes with a stop-over. These are usually cheaper, but if you want, you can mix and match flights in order to get some even better results! Try to opt for a cheaper airport if you have the possibility!

If you do have to park in the airport, try to do some research in advance, as you will save a lot! There are some great online tools that allow you to compare airport parking prices so you can be sure that you are getting the best deal possible. Bringing your own food with your is also a good money saver, because many airlines tend to charge for food, which is to be expected, especially if you go with the low cost airlines.

Instead of carrying too much luggage, try to bring only what you need and, if you are worrying about clothing, why not wear then instead for paying them as a luggage. Of course, since most airports have limits, you need to weight your luggage before you go to the airport, as this will save you from lots of trouble.


Home swaps are essential if you want to save money without having to invest a whole lot and still have a good place to visit! We also recommend you to go to a cheaper hostel instead of choosing the expensive hotels, even a private room will suffice, because you are there for the sights, not for making other people rich by paying expensive hotel fees!

Visiting tips

When you are visiting a new country, it’s recommended to eat like a local rather than going to the fancy restaurants. We recommend you to use the phone when you try to find new locations rather than paying for guides and maps, because you can usually get a map of any country via free smartphone apps. Of course, it’s essential to find a cheap place to save on foreign currency exchange, so avoid the imposing exchange shops and choose a bank with a good exchange rate.

There are also numerous opportunities to go abroad for free, if you are a teacher or you can help an organization with something. If you want a vacation without spending too much, even if you do something in return, you might want to check this out! Volunteering can also help, just make sure that you find the best opportunities for this. Lastly, you might want to find a great, cheap ski holiday, not to mention that you can also find cheap travel insurance too, as in some locations this is mandatory!

In conclusion, these are the best money saving travel tips that you can integrate into your next vacation. If you don’t want to pay a lot on flight tickets or accommodation, be sure to follow them and see how you can save a lot of money because of that!

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