How to start your own business in Norway?


This publication is devoted to the question of how to open a business in Norway. You will learn about the possibility of immigration to the country through business, the rules of registration of business activities in the country.

First of all, we note that Norway provides foreign entrepreneurs with ample opportunities for business. From the entrepreneur only requires strict compliance with applicable laws, the implementation of activities on legal grounds. The only caveat is the need for a license in the implementation of some activities.

Start a new business or buy ready?

As practice shows, it is quite difficult to start a business from scratch in Norway. Moreover, this applies, rather, not to the company itself, but to its founder it is difficult to obtain documents for registration and long-term residence. Therefore, we recommend to immigrate to the country already with an existing business (in Norway, a branch is being created) or, as an alternative, you can buy a business in Norway already fully ready, i.e. buy a functioning company.

To implement this, of course, it is better to enlist the support of experienced professionals who:

  • Will analyze the activities of the company you are interested in.
  • Will help to issue documents for its acquisition.
  • Will conduct a purchase and sale of shares in the company.

This gives you a guarantee that the money will not be spent in vain!

Business immigration to Norway

For businessmen who plan to carry out business activities in Norway for a long period (or permanently), it is mandatory to obtain a residence permit. Requirements for the registration of the residence permit is quite specific:

  • Business should be long-term.
  • A foreign citizen has the right to work only in his company.
  • The annual turnover of the organization’s funds should be at least 25 thousand euros.

How to start a business in Norway?

  1. You must obtain an ID number.
  2. As the authorized capital of the company, put in a bank account the amount of about 3000 euros.
  3. Creation of an entry in the register of commercial organizations, as well as VAT registration.
  4. Registration in the pension fund, as well as in the social insurance Fund.

Finally, to carry out business activities in the country, a foreign citizen must issue a target document granting the right of long-term residence a business visa to Norway! Having lived 7 years, following the instructions, you will be able to obtain citizenship of Norway!

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    Advantages of forming a company in Norway
    Fast and straightforward incorporation procedure
    Well-developed infrastructure
    Low incorporation and maintenance costs
    Flexible corporate legislation


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