Hungarian citizenship by investment


In the article, we will try to cover in detail the topic of whether it is possible to buy Hungarian citizenship, and on what conditions it can be done! In addition, you will learn about the main advantages of investing in the country’s economy.

The fact that the government of this European state a few years ago adopted a resolution in connection with which foreign citizens can obtain citizenship of Hungary for investment! We will talk more about the conditions of this process.

How can I buy Hungarian citizenship?

The main conditions of Hungary in the issue of granting citizenship for investment is to contribute to the economy, in the amount of 250 thousand euros. If, for example, a foreign citizen wants to obtain citizenship of Hungary with his wife, will have to “donate” another 50 thousand euros (this figure is set for each family member who claims citizenship with the investor).

What does a foreign investor get in return? Of course, the Hungarian passport is an opportunity to cross 150 countries without obstacles and borders!

Speaking more in detail, by investment the foreigner will be given the opportunity to receive the citizenship under the simplified scheme:

  1. Instead of 8 years of “naturalization” citizenship is granted for 2 years.
  2. A foreign investor does not need to pass an exam for knowledge of the Hungarian language and the basics of legislation in order to acquire citizenship.
  3. When obtaining a Hungarian passport, it is not necessary to renounce your original citizenship (Hungary does not disclose the fact of granting citizenship to foreigners).

In addition, after a 5-year period, the investor has the right to return the invested funds back!

How to become a member of the investment program in Hungary?

To become a member of the investment program, a foreign citizen investor must sign 2 contracts:

  • The contract giving the right to repurchase government bonds with the subsequent registration of a residence permit and permanent residence.
  • A contract signed by three parties that guarantees the safety of funds invested by the investor in the bonds.

About 3-4 weeks after the signing of contracts a foreign citizen receives a residence permit, and after 6-8 months and permanent residence.

As a rule, the program of registration of citizenship for investment is accompanied by the services of intermediaries, which make the whole process for you, it’s a simple formality.

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