Immigration to Australia: Is it worth it?


When a person thinks about immigration to any country, first of all, there is a single question; is it worth living there? What are the pros and cons of this country? Is there any guarantee that life there will really be better?

Doubts arise when moving to Australia, even despite the fact that for many years this country is declared the best for life. And that’s why Australia bothers with this title:

1. The government cares about the preservation of nature. This means that in terms of ecology there is order, and there are stunning landscapes around.

2. Around so clean that you can safely walk on the asphalt in white socks and came home to find that they are still snow-white. The order and cleanliness are monitored very closely and attach great importance to this.

3. Having received Australian citizenship, you get the opportunity to travel almost all over the world without a visa. For lovers of travel, this item will be especially important.

4. It is here that the highest salaries in the world, and Australians for the most part of people wealthy. If you have a job in Australia, and no matter what it is, you will already be able to provide for themselves. And if you have a degree from an Australian University, your income will double. However, Australians do not brag about luxury homes, cars and lifestyle. Everything is bought only as needed and convenience.

5. In Australia, there is an already formed army, ready to defend their country at any time in the event of an attack. The concept of “military duty” and “conscription service” is absent here. No one will take your child to the army at a certain age.

6. Everything is stable here. In Australia, life is easy and carefree, without stress and tension. Everyone knows in advance what they will do tomorrow and even a month at a certain point, because in the way of life of Australians little changes. You can diversify your life with the help of travel, the implementation of which you will always have the means, because, in comparison with the local salaries and the ability to move without a visa, it is inexpensive.

7. Clean and smooth roads, which are always nice to drive.

8. Australia is always warm and Sunny. In winter there is never frost, which saves on warm clothes. A gentle sea in almost all seasons is ready to welcome those wishing to swim.

But, as in any country, even in Australia there are several disadvantages.

1. The quality of free medicine in Australia often leaves much to be desired. Rarely come across really good therapists. It is preferable to use paid services of narrow specialists to be sure that you are diagnosed correctly and prescribed really necessary drugs.

2. Security is also a controversial topic. The police will always help you answer the question, but to intervene in the fight or try to find the stolen thing no one will. But, if you have an insurance policy, you will be financially reimbursed for the loss.

3. Buy property in Australia cheap is almost impossible. Housing prices are very high, so it is better to rent an apartment for a long time. In addition, do not differ in small amounts and taxes.

4. Many have heard of insects in Australia that are huge in size. Those who faint from the sight of a small cockroach, it is not recommended to come here.

But, despite all its disadvantages, Australia is very popular among immigrants. Moving here, you provide yourself and your family a quiet and happy life.

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