Immigration to Turkey: The pros and cons


As in the case of any other country, immigration to Turkey has many advantages, and at the same time disadvantages. The presence of such, of course, depends solely on you, on your perception of the world and the country as a whole. Therefore, only you have to decide whether to move to permanent residence in Turkey, or better to look at another country.

Advantages of immigration to Turkey

Speaking about the positive aspects of the residence of foreigners in Turkey, first of all, it is worth noting the climate and geographical position of the country. Turkey is surrounded by mountains, seas and all year round abounds with fresh vegetables and tropical fruits. A real Paradise for those who are tired of fierce winters and changeable weather.

Turkey is one of the developed countries in terms of business. Owners of large and small enterprises are much easier to do business here than in the post-Soviet countries. The tax burden imposed on entrepreneurs is also quite sparing.

It is quite acceptable and everyday moments of life in Turkey. For example, the education of children in school is absolutely free, there is a very high quality of local medicine, decent wages, relatively inexpensive housing. For example, in some cities, you can buy apartments on the coast, at a price ranging from 20 thousand euros.

Disadvantages of living in Turkey

Immigration to Turkey is accompanied by certain negative nuances, which are regarded as the main drawbacks.

The main religious trend in the country is Islam, sometimes faith grows into fanaticism. What it leads to, and what are the consequences, you probably guess!

Quite specific is the mentality of local residents. The Turks are quite tough people, especially the male part of society. Therefore, if you are interested in Turkey as a country of your future residence, you will have to learn how to defend your interests.

Residence permit in Turkey

Turkey remains the leader among those countries where it is very easy to get a residence permit! The authorities have established 6 types of residence permits, each of which provides for the possibility of resettlement for foreigners of all social categories and ages, from students to pensioners. And this, of course, can also be attributed to the merits of the state. And given the fact that Turkey is the number 1 candidate for EU membership, immigration here can open for foreign citizens the prospects of life in Europe!

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