Immigration with HIV


In this article, you will learn which countries allow HIV-positive people to enter their territory. You can also see a list of countries that have a partial or absolute ban for people with this status.

There are many countries that will not be allowed in the presence of HIV or AIDS in humans. But most of them give restrictions only on working visas and if a person wants to move to a permanent place of residence.

Absolute prohibition

So, let’s consider in more detail the countries where entry is completely closed for these diseases.

Belgium will not accept the presence of HIV. Moreover, citizens of countries outside the European Union are more affected in their rights, will not help the purchased certificates from the countries of departure, as the study will be a specialist of the Belgian side.

Armenia is also completely closed to this category of people, and, in addition, if you get infected during your vacation or work in Armenia, you can easily be sent home.

Fiji Islands will not open borders to people living with HIV or AIDS.

In fact, there are not many countries with an absolute ban. In addition to these, this can be attributed to Iraq.

Partial ban

This applies mainly to people who travel for a long time or permanent residence, as well as women working in the field of leisure. Most often, you will need an HIV test if you eat for more than three months, if a person came from outside the EU, plans to work in catering, entertainment, medical and children’s institutions. All countries, of course, can not be listed, as it will take a lot of time and space, here are just the most famous: Russia, USA, Canada, England, Belarus, Algeria, Austria and Australia, and others.

For example, in Australia, you will be obliged to sign a Declaration, which you confirm that you have good health, if there are problems, they must be painted in the same Declaration. Of course, for a short period of HIV, visit the country will not hurt, but for permanent residence and a long stay should not count.

Full entry permit

It may be strange, but quite a number of countries do not have any restrictions on the stay of people living with HIV / AIDS. That is, in these countries, you can just relax as a tourist, and you can get a residence permit and subsequently citizenship and stay forever. Let us name just a few of these countries: Albania, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Brazil, Burundi. You can just visit these countries or stay in them without any obstacles.

Conclusion on the topic

As can be seen from the article, countries that are completely closed to HIV and AIDS in the minority. After all, almost all countries of the world are open for tourist trips and there should be no problems here. But on a regular basis or to stay to get not everywhere. Therefore, people with HIV, AIDS, it is extremely difficult to obtain a residence permit or work visa not only in developed European countries but also in other countries.

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