IP-based company registration in Singapore


Registration of a company in Singapore has not been any significant difficulties for a long time. With due persistence and subject to the choice of a competent intermediary to enter a very promising market in this jurisdiction is quite possible, but the desire of other customers to “save” often puts on the idea of a big and fat cross.

I’ll try to explain. Some people are “led” to the announcement of unscrupulous intermediaries who promise to perform the procedure in a completely remote mode. Others “stumble” on the fact that they are trying to carry out all the necessary steps on their own. Needless to say, both options are absolutely impossible, even if some “experts” say the opposite.

But today we will talk about the third common mistake, the wrong choice of an organizational and legal form of doing business. The fact that many novice businessmen with limited finances stop at the format Sole Proprietorship (in our opinion, an individual entrepreneur). But after a short time, they realize that it does not provide the necessary opportunities and shackles the business. It often happens that you “grow” out of the ordinary IP, but do not know what and how to do with it.

The solution to the problem can be the registration of a company in Singapore in the format of Private Limited Company (Pte Ltd, a private limited company) by converting the existing Sole Proprietorship (SP). This procedure is absolutely legal, it does not require significant costs and can be performed quickly enough. But just clarify that to cope with the task on their own can not be, you have to trust our experts.

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