Jobs and salary in Denmark in 2020


Along with Luxembourg and Sweden, remuneration in Denmark is considered one of the highest in Europe and worldwide. However, the level of taxes and prices is also very significant. There is no official minimum wage in the country. This figure is fixed in collective agreements between trade unions and employers.

In addition, rates may vary depending on the age and experience of the specialist. On average, Danish workers receive a minimum of € 14.5 per hour in various sectors of the economy, excluding tax and pension payments. The average salary in Denmark in 2020 is about 3100 euros per month net.

Jobs and salary in Denmark

When choosing an available job in Denmark in 2020, foreigners definitely need to carefully study the list of current scarce professions. We will highlight the main vacancies that are appropriate for the current year:

  • Engineers, including in the field of information technology
  • Construction and energy
  • Medical staff including doctors, nurses, dentists, and veterinarians
  • It-specialist
  • Teachers of primary and secondary schools
  • Social worker
  • Pharmacists
  • Auditors and legal consultants

Seasonal work in Denmark is very popular among foreigners. For example, on farms and greenhouses for the collection of berries, fruits, vegetables, and crops. Usually, the salary is hourly, from 10 euros per hour, and if the Danish employer enters into a collective agreement, then at least 14.5 euros. Can pay also for the amount of harvest, as a rule, it is about 1 euro per kilogram.

For employment will require knowledge of English at a minimum or average level. Seasonal work in Denmark is mainly available in summer, from May to September. In addition to agriculture, it can be temporary employment in hotels, bars, and restaurants. In this case, you may need Danish language skills.

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