Labor migration to Oslo


The population of Oslo in 2019 is about 673 thousand people. Today it is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. Up to 70% of the locals are ethnic Norwegians. About a third are immigrants from different countries. The largest groups are represented by Pakistanis, Swedes, Somalis, and Polishes. Migrants live mainly in the Eastern part of Oslo.

The capital of Norway generates about 25% of the country’s GDP. Qualified foreign specialists, usually work in the oil, gas and shipping industry. Some wealthy foreigners are successfully doing business in Norway, and someone wants to get a free higher education in one of the Norwegian universities. For example, the largest educational institution in the country the University of Oslo.

Official work in Norway involves the fulfillment by the foreigner of a number of preconditions similar to those of the member States of the European Union. In most cases, applicants from third countries can not take a job if the vacancy is claimed by local residents or Europeans. Many professions in Norway are regulated, especially medical. Therefore, qualification and education received abroad must be confirmed. This can be done here.

There are requirements for working conditions and wages. In General, for employment in Oslo, it is necessary to find an employer in advance and sign an employment contract. Get a work permit from the local authorities, open a work visa and obtain a residence permit in Norway. Usually, a work permit is valid for 1-3 years with the right to extend, and in the case of seasonal employment for no more than 6 months.

How to find a job in Oslo?

The strong and diverse economy of the Norwegian capital region does not guarantee 100% employment for every migrant worker. Moreover, competition for jobs is huge, even though unemployment is low. To successfully find a job in Oslo, a foreigner must have sufficient experience, qualifications and a profession that is scarce for the local market. In addition, many employers require a good command of the Norwegian language.

In some companies operating in the capital of Norway, the applicant has enough knowledge of English at an advanced level. The largest employers in Oslo include Norsk Hydro (aluminum products), Yara International (nitrogen chemicals), DNB (banking and financial services) and Gjensidige Forsikring (insurance services). Make a competent resume and cover letter. Write a job offer from a Norwegian company directly.

If you find a job in Oslo on their own will not work, try to use the services of Norwegian recruitment agencies. This resource will help you to find a company. Be active on the Internet. Visit related sites, forums, and groups in social networks. Look through ads in local Newspapers. If possible, visit Oslo as a tourist and try to find an employer.

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