LLC Company in the USA with an account in an American bank


In today’s economic arena, the US market is the largest and most attractive. Moreover, regardless of the business area: selling goods, providing services, e-Commerce, and others.

This means that entering the US market is a great opportunity for the international expansion of your business or multiple increases in profits. Especially since American companies can do business all over the world and brand “Done/Invented in the USA” is highly valued.

This is proved by many other factors. For example, access to modern technologies and services such as Stripe and PayPal. They are also the most popular payment systems in the world.

Another example is the outsourcing market. This type of company has been popular in America for many years. This makes it possible to significantly reduce costs for manufacturing companies. Its variety is amazing. The rapid growth of the IT sector is largely due to outsourcing. Giants like Dell and Compaq have long moved production to outsourcing firms.

Registration of an LLC in the United States for conducting physical business

Non-residents can open a company in the United States as well as residents. The founder can be a legal entity and/or an individual.

LLC or Limited Liability Company is registered with the authorized capital in any amount. We recommend that you Deposit at least 1000 USD. This way it is much more likely that banks and partners will perceive you as a reliable company.

Corporate account data will be exclusively confidential since the US has not joined the CRS from the OECD (at least, the information will not leak out of the state).

Information about the owners of the LLC is also stored in a closed case.

How to open a company in the USA?

You should start registering a company in the United States by selecting a specific state. This is important because taxation varies greatly from state to state. After that, you can start collecting personal documents of the owners, create a unique company name, and hire a registered agent if you are a non-resident of the United States.

Buy a company in the United States with an American account?

A resident or non-resident, individual or legal entity can buy a company, it doesn’t matter. The size of the authorized capital is not dictated. An American company has the right to open corporate accounts – local or foreign. Banks and payment systems are much more willing to work with companies from the United States due to their high reputation. It is allowed to conduct procedures completely remotely.

Can I open a company in the United States remotely?

With our help, you can open an American company remotely, without a personal visit to the States. It is also possible to remotely open an account in an American Bank, with some exceptions. As with a personal visit, you will need to collect the necessary documents and then send them.

The legal address implies only receiving official mail. If you need to scan and send it to the client, a virtual office is provided for your services.

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