London taxis and its features


If you live in London then you will surely have to use a taxi service. This is a fairly common form of transport in this city. About the types of taxis in London and other features of London taxis you will learn from this article.

The streets of London were not so long ago filled with three types of taxis. The world-famous black cab to catch elementary, you just need to raise your hand, and for one hundred percent result is recommended to hold between your fingers a bill. Black cabs are something like a business card of the capital of Albion and therefore allow themselves to ignore the rules of the road, and the police have no choice but to close their eyes to their recklessness. Black cabs are a kind of monopolists, their services are used by large restaurants and hotels, and mass Parking cabs are located near major shopping centers, metro stations.

Taxis on calls are cheaper than cabs and can provide their services over long distances, but even without passengers, the driver will never stop on the street. These machines are easy to recognize, they have identification marks and are usually of Executive class. If you need to go far, then it is better to use this type of taxi. You will get there much faster and cheaper.

Illegal drivers usually work as cabs at night near cheap bars and discos. Such a taxi without any brand names and take a trip much less. However, we can say that this is the most dangerous form of transport because the suspects in the attacks on passengers are often the drivers of such taxis. If you value your health and life, then it is better to avoid them.

More recently, several cities in the UK have pink cars, drivers of which are women in pink uniforms and they also serve only women. The founders of such a taxi service were naturally women, for which they received an award for the best business idea. Pink car drivers are specially trained and will be able to protect the passenger in case of danger. In addition, only payment cards are accepted for the trip, and there is simply no cash in the car, so there is nothing to steal. Also, the machine is equipped with a signal button, pressing which sends a signal to the police station. The funny thing is that if a pink taxi came to the call, and the calling lady came out not alone, but with a young man, then he must go in another taxi, for example in a black cab. But the question is why the lady, if she is not alone, pink taxi.

That’s the alternative to now have women of England, the creators of which in any case do not question the fact that drivers of black cabs are not gentlemen, but just wanted to give women a choice.

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