Malta: 2030 Artificial Intelligence Strategy


Malta is paving the way for the introduction of systems and services based on new forms of technology by officially launching the national artificial intelligence strategy (AI) in October 2019. This fact makes Malta the first country to provide an AI certification program.

The main purpose of certification in Malta Is to provide the applicant with a valuable recognition of the fact that their artificial intelligence systems have been developed in an ethical, responsible and trustworthy manner. This certification is provided for in the” ethical framework for artificial intelligence in Malta”.

This means creating a whole strategy for AI development in Malta. This strategy is called “strategy and vision for artificial intelligence in Malta until 2030” or simply “artificial intelligence Strategy”. It aims to put Malta in the top ten countries with the highest performance national programs in the field of artificial intelligence.

What opportunities do you have in Malta?

Historically, Malta has always had a huge trade potential.

Located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese Islands have been a major Maritime regional trade center throughout their history.

In addition, a clear political commitment to ensure sustainable economic development and a highly skilled workforce has led to increasing respect for this country as an attractive place for international investment.

Over the past five years, Malta has been one of the fastest-growing economies in the Eurozone. In 2018, the Maltese economy grew by 6.7%, with the following this is the fifth year in a row that real GDP has grown by more than 5% annually.

Malta joined the European Union in 2004 and became a member of the Eurozone in 2008. It has also transformed its economic focus, shifting from low-cost manufacturing to an innovative, service-based economy that is recognized as the world’s leading center for the financial and digital sector.

Malta should be a leading player, not a follower. In line with this commitment, this country has firmly established itself as a leader in new, promising areas such as distributed ledger technology (DLT), and has received worldwide recognition as a “block chain island”. After that, Malta is now looking to establish itself in artificial intelligence technologies.

Investment in Malta

Malta’s relatively small size makes it a viable testing ground for pilot projects that can be launched here.

In their strategy, they argue that Malta can use its natural resources and size, as well as innovative public policies, to embody the bold vision of leaders in developing a range of tools, incentives, resources and collaborative ecosystems that accelerate the transition from AI design to adoption and implementation, leading to commercial success, social benefit and international recognition.

Therefore, the fact that Malta has taken a leading position by developing and adopting the world’s first national artificial intelligence certification program allows us to hope for the successful development of all business projects engaged in this field of IT development.

If you have plans to create a startup in which artificial intelligence can be useful, be sure to consider Malta as a country for registering your business. In addition to the above program, Malta has access to the European Union market with a paying demand of 250 million potential consumers of your product or service, as well as a favorable tax system.

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