Minimum and average salary in New Zealand


New Zealand is a small colorful country with a population of only 4.7 million people, located in the South-Western Pacific ocean away from the rest of the world. Despite some isolation (the nearest state of Australia is about 1,700 km away), New Zealand has an open competitive economy focused on the industrial sector and modern technologies. The country has a decent salary, a high standard of living and social standards.

Work in New Zealand attracts a large number of foreigners, for whom comfortable conditions of employment and special programs of labor migration are created. Universities in New Zealand train qualified personnel, unemployment does not exceed 5% and incomes of local residents are growing.

The minimum wage in New Zealand

According to the official data of the local Ministry of business, innovation and employment, from April 1, 2018, the minimum wage in New Zealand is 16.5 New Zealand dollars (NZD) per hour (9.8 euros), 132 dollars per day (78.5 euros) and 660 dollars per week (392.4 euros). Thus, every New Zealand citizen over the age of 16, occupied a full working day (8 hours), can expect to pay at least 2 860 NZD per month, which is equivalent to 1 700 euros.

The exceptions are trainees or young workers aged 16-19 years, who carry out continuous professional activities with one employer for less than 6 months. In this case, the minimum rate is reduced to 13.2 NZD per hour, 105.6 NZD per day and 528 NZD per week. After the end of the six-month period, the salary is paid on a General basis and in full.

The average salary in New Zealand

The high level of income of the local population is considered to be one of the main incentives for immigration to New Zealand. By this indicator, the country is ahead of many developed countries of the European Union and the world as a whole. Thus, according to the official information of the local statistical office, before taxes, the average salary in New Zealand in 2018 is 30.96 NZD per hour (about 18.4 euros), that is, New Zealanders receive 1.162 NZD (690 euros) per week and 5.035 NZD (2.995 euros) per month.

The employment rate in New Zealand is 67.7 percent. Officially employed order 2,618 million people, and have jobs about 119 thousand. In the public sector, wages are NZD 1,143 per week and in the private sector NZD 1,168. In the context of economic sectors, the average incomes of local workers differ little, which is also a feature of the New Zealand labor market.

The average salary in New Zealand by industry is based on official data from the New Zealand statistical office as of March 2018.

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