Moving to Ireland for permanent residence


For a very long time, the Irish wandered the world in search of a better life. But now Ireland is the most dynamically developing country, which grants the right to foreigners to obtain citizenship, of course, subject to certain rules. What are the possibilities to obtain a residence permit in Ireland?

The first step towards immigration to Ireland

If you have seriously decided to move to Ireland for permanent residence, you need to take care first of all to issue a long-term visa, category D.

To do this, on the website of the migration service of Ireland you need to fill in an online form, which will require standard data; your personal information, the purpose of the visit, as well as a request for a long-term visa. The approximate term of consideration of the application by authorized persons is 15-30 days, but due to certain circumstances, this process may be longer.

If your application is approved, you will be able to print out an invitation to the consulate on the migration service website, as well as a list of the documents that you must provide for visa processing.

Options for emigration to Ireland

As in any other country, foreign citizens have several options on how to obtain a permit for long-term residence in Ireland:

  1. Study in one of the Irish universities (visa is valid not only for the entire period of study but also 1 year after graduation).
  2. Work on a formal employment contract (in this case, the process of obtaining a residence permit in Ireland becomes a formality).
  3. Investment in the amount of 300 thousand euros or more (gives the right to obtain a residence permit, valid for 5 years).
  4. Cultural, educational and religious activities (subject to an official invitation from the Irish side).
  5. Marriage or family reunification with an Irish citizen.

How to obtain a residence permit in Ireland?

After you receive a long-term visa and arrive in Ireland, you must contact the INIS migration service of Ireland within 3 months to register and issue a residence permit.

Residence permit entitles a foreign citizen to enter Irish universities, get a job, do business and more. Depending on your legal status in Ireland, initially, the validity of the residence permit will be from 2 to 5 years. But if you have a stable legal income, to provide for themselves and their loved ones, the process of extending the residence permit will be simplified for you!

How to obtain permanent residence in Ireland?

The only option to qualify for permanent residence in Ireland is a 5-year residence permit. The migration service does not provide other opportunities! To submit an application for the granting of this right is necessary also, the immigration service (INIS).

After obtaining a permit for long Stay (Long Stay Residence), after 3 years you can already count on the citizenship of Ireland. Thus, to obtain citizenship in the general order of all you need 8 years (including residence permit and permanent residence).

Although the flow of migrants to Ireland is very small, in this country, foreign citizens have quite promising prospects for personal, financial and career development!

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