New rules for obtaining a residence permit of Georgia in 2019


Georgia is interesting to foreigners not only as a country where you can quickly and easily register a company or optimize business taxation through free industrial zones. Many non-residents consider Georgia as a country where it is easy to obtain a residence permit, and then citizenship. This opportunity is especially interesting for residents of those countries who want to get visa-free access to the Schengen area. Having a Georgian passport opens up such prospects for them. But it should be noted that from July 5, 2019, new rules for obtaining a residence permit in Georgia come into force. Let’s look at what is changing in the design of a residence permit in Georgia.

Methods of obtaining a residence permit in Georgia

You can get a residence permit in the house of Justice. This procedure is not complicated and depends on the type of residence permit under which the alien falls. There are 10 types of residence permits in Georgia:

  • Labor-it can get those residents of other countries who came to the country for the purpose of employment.
  • Educational-designed for students in higher educational institutions of Georgia. It can be issued by foreign students who come here to get a diploma of higher education.
  • For ex-citizens of Georgia-a residence permit for those who previously refused Georgian citizenship in favor of citizenship of another country.
  • To restore the family-it can be obtained by family members of a non-resident who has already received a residence permit in Georgia.
  • For stateless persons a special residence permit, which can be issued only by people with the appropriate status.
  • Special-this type of residence permit is granted in special cases; if a foreigner is a victim of human trafficking; if a member of the government of Georgia requests permission in writing; when due to certain circumstances it is impossible to expel a person from the country.
  • Permanent-only foreigners and their family members who have lived in Georgia for more than 6 years can apply for this residence permit;
    investment, it is designed for businessmen who want to invest their capital in the Georgian economy.
  • Temporary, it is provided to those who, in accordance with Georgian laws, have the status of a victim of domestic violence
  • Short-term-provided to those who have purchased and own real estate in Georgia, more than a certain amount.

A Georgian residence permit is valid from 6 months to 1 year. However, if foreigners comply with all the requirements of the legislation of the country and continue to meet the criteria established for a certain type of permit, they can extend its validity for a similar period. The main thing to apply for an extension no later than 40 working days before the end of the current period of residence permit.

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