Norwegian citizenship through marriage


One of the ways to obtain Norwegian citizenship is to marry a local citizen. The nuances of this process will be discussed in this article.

To begin with, we note that despite the fact that Norwegian citizenship through marriage is issued in a shorter period (in comparison with the same naturalization), technically the procedure is much more difficult because of the large paper confusion, the need to collect all the certificates. The fact is that it is extremely difficult to get a spouse visa to the country, you need to provide a huge package of documents, indicating not only the conclusion of an official marriage between you and a citizen/citizen of Norway but also confirming the sincerity of the relationship.

Therefore, we recommend that you carefully weigh the pros and cons of this method of immigration, or is it better to obtain Norwegian citizenship in other ways?!

The main points of citizenship through marriage in Norway

  • To obtain citizenship on the basis of an official marriage with a citizen of Norway can be for 4 years.
  • Over the years, in Norway, it is necessary to conduct not less than 3 years.
  • In the process of registration will need to pay government fees in the amount of about 650 euros.

Separately, we note that the state conditions provide for the possibility of migration on the basis of not only official but also civil marriage. But, in this case, you will need to prove the sincerity of your relationship, that they are not fictitious. In addition, this program is relevant not only for traditional couples but also for homosexuals. Norway in this matter is considered a tolerant country!

Once you meet the conditions of citizenship through marriage, and you will only have to apply for citizenship, you will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Original and copy of civil passport + passport.
    Marriage certificate.
  2. Certificate of proficiency in the state language.
  3. Certificates of sufficient length of stay in Norway, no criminal record, etc.
  4. Photos of the established sample.
  5. Additional help/copies may be required.

If you are given an affirmative answer in obtaining citizenship, we recommend immediately after that contact the police department at your place of residence to get the passport of a citizen of Norway!

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