Opening a Food Outlet in Hong Kong


Instructions for opening a food outlet in Hong Kong

Most of the population and visitors in Hong Kong eat in restaurants of various levels, cafes, bars, including family-type establishments specializing in the preparation of several dishes. It is quite easy to open a restaurant or any other food outlet if you follow the rules that apply on the territory of the SAR. You should know that it is not only important to register a company, but also that it must have a special license. Without such a document, it is impossible to legally work in Hong Kong and for this the owner can be fined an impressive amount and even face trial.


The first step to take is to register a company in the Hong Kong companies Register. This usually takes no more than 3 days, if the registration will be handled by specialists. You can learn more about this on the portal. At the same time, you must pay state fees to the registry of Hong Kong and the tax Department, hire a Secretary for a period of 1 year, and make a set of seals.

After registration, the owner must have the following documents:

  1. Registration form of the Hong Kong Companies Register
  2. A contract for the provision of a legal address
  3. Certificates; company registration, business registration, shares
  4. Regulation
  5. Order on appointment of the Director
  6. Resolution of the Board of Directors meeting

Choosing a room

You can’t open a power point in any room. It must meet the requirements set out in the health regulations of the FEHD (Food and Environmental Hygiene Department), FSD (Fire Service Department) and BD (Building Department) departments. They relate to the structural features of the building, its communications, and the surrounding area. The nuances of the requirements of these departments are known only by specialists who are well acquainted with them. Our company provides a service for selecting premises for opening a food outlet in Hong Kong. It can be rented or purchased-it all depends on your capabilities.

Package of documents for applying for a license

You must submit the following documents:

  • An order to appoint a responsible person for obtaining a license and a copy of their identification documents
  • A certified copy of the rental agreement or ownership agreement
  • Copies of metric room plans in the amount of 3 PCs., made in accordance with current standards
  • Certified copies of the Charter, registration and incorporation certificates

These documents are submitted to FEHD along with a completed application form. After verification and a positive resolution, they pass 2 more checks in the BD and FSD departments. In some cases, you will need to check with the planning Department and other structures in Hong Kong. All of them will definitely visit your future institution to be sure that it meets the necessary sanitary and hygienic requirements.

It will speed up the process of obtaining a license compliance with such rules when renting or purchasing premises:

  • It should be no less than 30 square meters
  • Have fire exits, sanitary units, sewage system, water, gas and electricity supply
  • It must be equipped with an exhaust system, which must be separately supplied to the premises of the hall, kitchen and toilets
  • Comply with air pollution, noise, drainage, waste water and recycling regulations
  • A registered fire specialist must serve the facility
  • If it is necessary to install communication systems, this should be done by registered contract specialists in the field of gas and electricity supply, ventilation and exhaust
  • A representative appointed by the order should supervise the process of obtaining a license

Obtaining a license in Hong Kong is quite a complex process. It may take from 1.5 to 2 months after the application is submitted. If the owner of an establishment wants to import food to Hong Kong, sell their kitchen products outside the premises, organize Seating outside the premises, install a vending machine for any drinks and food, karaoke, etc., then it is necessary to obtain additional licenses for this type of activity.

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