Permanent residence in Switzerland


Want to move to Switzerland for permanent residence? In this article, you will learn all the necessary information on how to do it! We presented materials on migration methods, as well as on the basic conditions of each of them.

Switzerland is on the list of countries whose citizenship is extremely difficult to obtain. Nevertheless, this process is still possible if you clearly plan your strategy and adhere to the framework established by the migration legislation of the country.

How to go to Switzerland for permanent residence?

The implementation of this process will require you to go through several successive stages:

  • Familiarity with the options of leaving for permanent residence in Switzerland (that’s what you’re doing now).
  • Determination of the most promising program of departure, taking into account your individual situation in life.
  • Collection and execution of documents for obtaining a residence permit.
  • Residence in Switzerland established period in the status of residence permit.
  • Registration of permanent residence and residence in the status of the established period.
  • The filing of the petition on granting citizenship.

On average, the implementation of all this takes from 5 to 12 years, depending on the program under which you are going to move to permanent residence in Switzerland.

Migration programmes to Switzerland

Naturalization: Provides for a general procedure for obtaining citizenship. Is among the longest-running methods, because to obtain a Swiss passport is possible not earlier than after 12 years.

Marriage: Citizenship can be obtained in about 5 years but provided that the marriage is real, not fictitious.

Citizenship for young families: Young people, one way or another tied to the country, have a chance to get permanent residence status in Switzerland on the basis of the current marital program.

Investment and business: When making financial contributions to the country’s economy, as well as in the case of opening a company on its territory, a foreign citizen receives grounds for long-term residence in Switzerland and registration of permanent residence status.

Refugee program: You can leave for permanent residence in Switzerland by providing direct evidence that you are in danger on the territory of your home country. However, the asylum programme in Switzerland is quite selective. It is necessary to be useful to this state to get permission.

In addition to the large physical, time and emotional costs, moving to permanent residence in Switzerland requires more and financial injections. Translation of documents, registration of certificates, state fees, all this needs money. Not to mention the fact that the first time you get a job, you will need something to exist. Therefore, before leaving for permanent residence, we recommend thinking through each step in advance!

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