Permanent residence in Turkey


How to go to Turkey for permanent residence? Our article is devoted to this question, and in it, you will learn the answer to it! We will consider the main stages that will need to be overcome by a foreign citizen on the way to a Turkish passport, as well as all the nuances that may arise in the process! Get the most useful information!

To obtain a Turkish passport and join the number of full citizens of the country, you will need to overcome 3 stages:

  • Registration of residence permit
  • Registration of permanent residence In Turkey
  • Submission of a request for citizenship

Let’s consider each of them in more detail…

Registration of residence permit in Turkey

Moving to Turkey for permanent residence, without fail, must be accompanied by certain grounds. For example, it can be employment in the country, reunification with relatives, the Foundation of a business or, for example, a wedding with a Turkish citizen.

On the basis of this, foreign citizens have the right to issue a temporary residence permit, which provides the right of long-term (but temporary) residence in the country. In Turkey there are several types of residence permit:

  1. Short-term residence permit
  2. Student residence permit
  3. Family
  4. Residence permit for a long period of action

In short, considering the Foundation of your relocation, you will be able to choose for themselves the appropriate type of residence permit.

Registration of permanent residence in Turkey

After residence permit, a foreign citizen can apply for permanent residence in Turkey. However, for this status, knowledge of the Turkish language is a mandatory requirement. Permanent residence in Turkey gives a foreign citizen the right to long-term residence in the country, the opportunity to purchase real estate, to carry out labor activities, etc.

After permanent residence, a foreigner can apply for citizenship.

Obtaining citizenship in Turkey

The final stage of moving to Turkey for permanent residence is to obtain a passport of a citizen of this country. To do this, you must submit a request with the full package of required documents and wait for the approval of the migration services. On the basis of this decision, the passport is issued, after which the foreigner becomes a full member of the Turkish society.

The official term of acquisition of Turkish citizenship is 5 years. In fact, it takes a little more time, taking into account the expectation that the migration services will process the documents of the applicant for the assignment of a status.

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