Permanent Residency in Cyprus


In this article, you will learn how to move to Cyprus for permanent residence. We will acquaint you with all the current programs of migration to this country, as well as their conditions. You will also learn about the mandatory period of residence, after which you can apply for citizenship and Cyprus.

Make the move to Cyprus for permanent residence is a dream of many, but not everyone manages to do it. This is because this state, unlike others, conducts a very specific migration policy based on the selection, first of all, of wealthy citizens who are somehow able to have a beneficial effect on the economy as a whole.

So do not be surprised if the methods of justification in Cyprus for permanent residence seem to you, somewhat financially obsessed!

How to go to live in Cyprus for permanent residence?

There are several options on how to move to this state for permanent residence:

Marriage to a citizen of the country: In this case, a resident of a foreign country will be entitled to a long-term stay in Cyprus. And after 3 years of residence and does you can apply for citizenship.

Business immigration to Cyprus: Leave to live in Cyprus for permanent residence can be due to increased entrepreneurial activity in the country. At the same time, the business owner, as well as dependent family members will receive an unlimited visa for permanent residence. After 7 years of stay in the country, it’s possible registration of citizenship.

Education in colleges of the country: Foreign students studying at Universities in Cyprus also receive a residence visa. However, it is worth noting that the contract for study for foreigners is more expensive than for indigenous people. Recently, a law was also adopted, according to which students studying in state-recognized Universities can be employed, but the workload should not exceed 20 hours per week.

Buying real estate: Another option to make a move to Cyprus for permanent residence is to buy a property on the island. Its foreign owner is highly likely to receive a residence permit, and on its basis will be able to issue a permanent residence.

Investment: Investing for a real estate or buying ready business located on its territory means buying citizenship!

The stages of acquisition of citizenship of Cyprus

With the exception of multimillion-dollar investments and moving on the basis of marriage, all foreign citizens receive a Cyprus passport after 7 years of residence in the country. It is extremely important not to leave its territory for more than 90 days, otherwise, the period of your stay will be reset.

This is followed by the procedure for processing your application for citizenship. However, the exact dates are not specified. Depending on the case, the decision can be made within a few months, or even several years!

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